Albedo100 nominated for the CANNES LIONS INNOVATION AWARD


Together with the most interesting innovations in the world right now Albedo100 has been nominated to the Cannes Lions Innovation Award.

This is an honor only happening to a selected few. And it is truly a big recognition for Albedo100 Reflective spray, developed by a small start up in Sweden.

The nomination is a consequence of Albedo100´s cooperation with VOLVO that has received recognition all over the world. 

“Malmö, Sweden – March 31, 2015 — This week Volvo partnered with Albedo100 in the UK to launch “Life Paint,” a new look for Albedo100’s most popular product “Invisible Bright.” Invisible on and wash off reflective spray allows those out at night to be seen by cars without compromising on flexibility or style. Albedo100 is happy to work with Volvo in their pursuit to take road safety one-step further: not only caring for those behind the wheel, but in front as well. “We saw this as a great opportunity to reach further and wider, and help to bring awareness of road safety at night to a bigger audience” says Anders Wellving, General Manager of Albedo100.”

Albedo100 is a unique reflective safety spray. Invisible in daylight but highly visible in the glare of headlights. It is an incredible innovation that can turn your every day garments and objects in to visibility gear. Both easy to use, practical and encouraging use.

However, Albedo100 is not only a product. It is a solution to a major problem in the world in regards to road safety.

1.24 million deaths are recorded on the worlds roads annually, 30% of them involving pedestrians and cyclists.

Studies clearly show that increased pedestrian and cyclist visibility reduces the risk of accidents.

Life Paint will be available through VOLVO dealers on selected markets continuously activating the campaign. And Albedo100 Reflective Spray is currently available, in it´s three versions, in approximately 15 countries through sports shops, DIY stores, Pet shops etc. 

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